Visualize Women’s Health


Advocating for a Higher Standard of Care in Bone Health

We are building a central visual-learning resource that provides education on important women’s health issues, such as bone mineral density (BMD), in a format that is both enlightening and convenient. Please peruse our video library and select a topic that interests you.

Bone Health 101

Bone Density Measurement

BMD Assessment Learn how bone mineral density is measured

DXA of the Lumbar Spine
and the Hip
See an overview of the DXA scan

Z- and T-scores Review the difference between Z-score and T-score

Bone Mass Overview

Bone Physiology Watch a brief overview on bone physiology

Peak Bone Mass Understand the definition of peak bone mass

BMD and Age Learn how bone density changes with age

Bone Mass Factors

Factors in Peak Bone Mass Review the many factors that determine peak bone mass

BMD: Gender and Race Understand how gender and race influence BMD

Effect of Diseases on BMD See examples of diseases that contribute to bone mass reduction

Effect of Medications on BMD Become aware of the medications that reduce bone mass

Bone and Estrogen

Estrogen and Bone Remodeling Review how the presence or absence of estrogen affects bone remodeling

Estrogen Threshold Hypothesis Learn about the estrogen threshold hypothesis and the therapeutic window for optimal estradiol levels, balancing bone loss and stimulation of endometriosis

Bone Summary

Key Takeaways Supplement your understanding with a succinct overview of all videos in this section